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Postcards from the Field



Green Back
I Found this “green” back-up sump pump in a residence. Uses no electric or municipal water. Limited only by the endurance of the arm of the resident.
David Argabright Attic to Sidewalk Home Inspections Orient, OH


Praying for a Good Home Inspection
One of the largest praying mantises I have ever seen…his prayers were answered, very few problems found.
Craig D. Tillman Tillman Inspections Villanova, PA

Ladder Hell

Ladder Hell
How hard is it to put a ladder into a crawl space? OK, rungs on back side, and first rung is over two feet deep…Really???
Job security at its best!!!
Jim Foss
Best Inspections, Inc.
Anchorage, AK

Attic Medicine Collection

Attic Medicine Collection
I found this drugstore in the attic. Seems like it would have been easier to keep them in the medicine cabinet. Tim Hemm
Tim Hemm Inspections
Yucaipa, CA


HVAC Guys and Electricans Should Talk
The A/C disconnect had condensate running out of it from the furnace vent. I did not open it! HVAC guys and electricians should talk more.
Mike Moran Able Home Inspection LLC Ocean Gate, NJ

Mouse in the House

Mouse in the House!

The agent asked me FOUR TIMES…“Are you sure it’s dead???”

Jack Koelling, ACI Advantage Home Inspections Bel Aire (Wichita), KS

No Cover

No Cover, No Problem

If you don’t have a junction box cover, no problem, just turn the box around.

Jay de Wolf
de Wolf
Inspection Service
Burlingame, CA

Plumbers Putty

Your Friend, Plumber’s Putty

This seems to be more work than doing it the correct way…
it still leaked.

Matthew Smith
Ace Home Inspections
Cohoes, NY

Unclear Concept

Unclear on the Concept

This receptical was located behind a child’s crib. Good thing the outlet slots are covered!

Ken Meyer, ACI, Portico Home Inspection LLC, Portland, OR

Ahoy Matey

Ahoy, Matey!

I was expecting to find a “sub” panel behind the bulkhead door but, shiver me timbers, it only lead to the crawlspace.

Ken Meyer, ACI, Portico Home Inspection LLC, Portland, OR

Here a Jack

This air handler was being supported by a jack and some other wood supports. Seller said it was solid and not to worry. Obviously, it was installed by a “jack of all trades”.
Mitchell Rothenberg
The HomeTeam Inspection Service
Tampa, FL

…There a Jack

This house floor system has been car jacked.
Bill Jacques, ACI
American Inspection Service Inc.
Charleston, SC

A Surefire Fix for a Flooding Drain Line

Jim Douglas
Preston, ID

Peek-a-boo! I See You Too!

A racoon peeking out of a chimney.
Lawrence Transue
Integrity Inspection Service
Easton, PA

Good Vibrations

Wouldn’t it be easier to just glue the pipe?
Lawrence Transue
Integrity Inspection Service
Easton, PA

No Starter Fluid Required!
Brand new single-wall water heater through plywood touching vinyl beneath vinyl soffit. “More than just the water will be Hot?”

Jeremy S. Provan, ACI
Pro Cantage Home Inspections
Buckeystown, MD
Heading winner: Charles Holpucn
The Building Inspector of America
Germantown, MD

Pee VC Piping
Have you ever started washing dishes and had to pee?

Dave Grudzinski
Advantage Home Inspections
Cranston, RI
Heading winner: Ryan Beardsley
ProSpect Home Inspection LLC
Fenton, MI

Fernished Home
I thought there might be a problem with the roof on this home.

Steve Hadduck
Integrity Home Inspections
Portland, OR
Heading winner: Jeff Ferguson
Home Safe ‘N Sound Inspections
Alberta, Canada

Pillars of Creation
Does this qualify as standard deck supports?

Erik Alstad
Sante Fe, NM
Heading winner: Ryan Beardsley
ProSpect Home Inspection LLC
Fenton, MI

We are going to need more wires
This house from 1950 was wired like this (not a homeowner job).

Larry Transue
Integrity Inspection Service
Easton, PA
Heading winner: Bryck Guibor
Brick by Bryck
Tucson, AZ

Not the only thing that’s nuts!
If you don’t have an outlet receptacle box, I guess a coffee can will do. After all, I am only wiring this light with a zip cord.

Daniel Dunham, ACI
Englewood Home Inspections
Rotonda West, FL
Heading winner: Frank Lesh, ACI, ASHI Executive Director
Home Sweet Home Inspection Company
Indian Head Park, IL

Got a wheelbarrow?
World’s dirtiest vent!

Randy Via
Charles L. Gleich & Associates
Columbus, OH

Rock solid support
A plumber and a sawzall can be a bad combination. We have all seen framing improperly notched or cut for plumbing pipes. This plumber cut completely through this floor joist. At least he supported it with a rock/block/ABS column.

Randy West
Professional Building Consultants
Prescott, AZ

Don’t let the supporting I-beam stand in your way
In a garage with a low ceiling, the homeowner cut a huge hole in a main support I-beam so that he could install a garage door opener!

Dick Baumbusch
Legacy Home Inspections
Denver, CO

Points for recycling
Found this 1940s-era water heater on an inspection in Watsonville, CA. I wrote up the obvious lack of rain coverage, not to mention the two holes in the top, but gave the installer points for recycling. This is California, after all.

Chris McDougall
Apex Home Inspections
Aromas, CA

Shocking Results
Improper installations of electrical wires are common. On this Inspection, they wanted to make sure if there were any problems, the aluminum tape would help with the shocking results.

Michael Harrison
If walls could talk Home Inspections
Roswell, GA