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Author Bio –  Peter Hitt has worked on these books and other stories of his unique experiences as a boy and young man for a number of years. He grew up on a 270-acre working farm where the cash crop was tobacco.  After graduating from military school, he earned a co-operative degree in electrical engineering from Georgia Institute of technology while working during alternate quarters  for an electric utility as a student engineer.  Following graduation, he was commissioned as a U.S. Army officer during the Vietnam War. To the chagrin of the Army brass,  he and his newlywed Bahamian wife spent their first year of marriage in upcountry Thailand  on an “unaccompanied”  tour  where he was the officer-in-charge of the remote communications site. After active duty, he worked full-time as an aerosystems engineer helping develop electronic systems for the F-111 airplane while attending Texas Christian University at night while being the father of two young children. After obtaining  a MBA degree, he built and managed several cable television systems in Maine and Florida.  Three grown married children have their own successful careers and so far have produced three healthy grandchildren. He and his wife have been married 55 years  and have lived in the Jacksonville Florida area  for the last 42 years where they have owned A-2-Z Home Inspection Services for 30 years.

PALACE IN THE FIELDS  is the first-hand recollections of the youngest member of a family of six, in organized anecdotal style, who moved from suburbia to a working farm in southern Maryland where the cash crop was tobacco and where the family lived for a 10-year period in the 1940’s and 1950’s . The farmhouse turned out to be “Dent’s Palace”, a former colonial manor the parents restored to an elegant showplace.  The author was six years old when the move to the farm occurred.  Farm play and work activities as well as interaction with the unforgettable characters  who were parents, siblings, neighbors, acquaintances and friends, provided a unique slice of Americana  which probably does not exist anymore .

THE HUN’S PLUMBERS  is the second book by Peter Hitt.  If you enjoyed reading the classic novel, THE CATCHER IN THE RYE,  you should also like THE HUN’S PLUMBERS.  These are mostly true stories from the heyday of military schools where parents of means thought they were doing everyone a favor  by sending their adolescent sons to be raised by a military institution  during those difficult teenage years.  The perspective is from one of the cadets who lived and remembers the experience. Living cheek-by-jowl with the usual  military school denizens;  those one step  ahead of reform school,  the academic underachievers, the effeminate types, the jocks and the various other sub-categories, provided the unvarnished material for a number of  inimitable stories .